Hiking in Yellowstone National Park

Many of the wonders of Yellowstone National Park can be seen from a vehicle or by taking a short walk on well maintained boardwalks and asphalt paths. The vast majority of summer visitors do not venture more than ¼ of a mile from their vehicles. Most of the large mammals in the park can be seen from a road. A lot of the thermal features, the geysers, the Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone, many waterfalls, historic buildings and the visitor centers are a short walk from a parking area. Millions of visitors each year walk the boardwalks and asphalt paths to get a closer look at the amazing sights. These are not hikes.

The Hiker should do a little preparation. Check at the nearest ranger office or visitors center for an update on trail conditions and to determine if there is a bear warning in effect. Make sure to take appropriate clothing, including raingear; and, don’t forget drinking water. Consider taking bear spray. With the exception of the Lone Star Geyser Hike and the Mount Washburn Summit Hike, most of the top 10 hikes require one-half day or less.  For a list of out top 10 favorite hikes in Yellowstone National Park, click here.

The Hike Descriptions are arranged by their general location in the Park.  Go to the link for each area of the park on the Yellowstone National Park menu above.  If you will be touring the Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone area of the park on a specific day, click on that area to find hikes around the Grand Canyon of Yellowstone.