Yellowstone on Adrenaline

Day 1: Arrive in Red Lodge

Day 2: Visit Nature Center

Day 3: Depart Red Lodge, Arrive via Beartooth to Park, spend time in Lamar Valley, it is the best place to see elk, bison, and canines, take a hike or horse ride in Lamar Valley, or just take a picnic lunch to get closer to animals (Stay at Lake Hotel)- Between tower and canyon, mt washburn, look for bear, primarily black bear (especially spring/early summer) Other Camp, Old Faithful, Canyon Village, or West Yellowstone

Day 4: Depart and Tour Park, Return to Hotel

Visit Old Faithful, Drive out Madison Valley toward West Yellowstone looking for elk and bison, later summer (aug/sept) Make sure to see the bald eagle nest

Day 5: Depart and Tour Park, Return to Hotel

Visit Grand Canyon of Yellowstone, also Hayden Valley (in august bufalo mate while in spring water foul and buffalo calves) – around lake you can grizzly sightings are common in late summer.

Day 6: Mammoth in the north entrance gives opportunity to see big horn sheep, elk in town, and antelope, visit Grizzly and Wold Center in West Yellowstone

Day 7: Depart and go to Tetons- Look for Moose and Elk

Day 8: Tour Tetons- Look from Back Patio at Willow Flats, Look around snake river area for moose

Day 9: Drive to Tour/Cody- Near Sylvan Pass look for big horn sheep

Day 10: Depart for Billings