About Us

Toyellowstone.com is a family run website.  Our primary objective is to provide unbiased information on travel in the Yellowstone National Park area.  Our goal is to provide quality information about the Park, the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem, Grand Teton National Park; and, the surrounding region in Montana and Wyoming.  After operating a small bed & breakfast in the area for many years, we have found our guests have consistently struggled to organize their vacations effectively.  Some of the common errors we have seen are:  not understanding the distances and accurate driving times between locations, not knowing the most logical order in which to see things; or, simply failing to adequately plan and prioritize one’s visit.  We hope to resolve many of these issues by providing unbiased information.  We welcome and really appreciate all the feedback, suggestions, and new ideas as we constantly try to improve our guide.

Gordon and Leah Gallagher own a Bed & Breakfast.  Gordon’s first visit to Yellowstone Country was as a summer employee in 1962. He immediately fell in love with the area and in the intervening years returned whenever he could. Gordon and Leah had the good fortune to move to Red Lodge, MT in 2005. They are both outdoor enthusiasts and environmentalist; and, have spent countless days exploring the Region. Leah, an artist, loves to paint Yellowstone wildlife and landscapes

Adam Gallagher is the owner of several businesses and has spent a significant amount of time traveling and exploring the Yellowstone Region.  To Adam, there has been an obvious need for quality web based information on the Yellowstone Region, that is not full of advertising.  Our goal is to tell it as we see it and as we enjoy it. Hopefully you will come to love and appreciate it as much as we do.